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Josh Mullineaux   •   October 30, 2018

Design thinking at it’s core is just a framework for solving problems. It’s a framework largely credited to the global consultancy firm IDEO giving recognized birth to Design Thinking around 2005.

Like any effective framework, Design Thinking can help us create meaningful solutions to problems but also can be limiting in total scope as highlighted by some critiques of the framework (source 1, source 2).

I am a big fan of Design Thinking and the Lean Startup movement which I think are similar, but one thing I have seen over and over again is that companies and some individuals are really good at the first parts of both these frameworks… the ideation process, but fall short in “testing” part of the process


Not testing ideas almost renders the framework useless. Implementing a solution without measuring it’s effectiveness using this framework then, does nothing more than align the folks that came up with the solution. Aligning the team around a given solution can be a good thing and feels great, but is missing the entire point of Design Thinking… Creating solutions that people actually want!

What does Design Thinking look like?

  • Frame a Question

  • Gather Inspiration

  • Generate Ideas

  • Make Ideas Tangible

  • Test to Learn

  • Share the Story

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Focus on The User

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